Description of the Dispersants

We are working with ADD Additives to develop market for dispersants. When dispersing pigments, in particular organic pigments, one frequently encounters problems such as flocculation, insufficient color or transparency, poor rheological qualities or stability. These issues arise along every step of the coatings life cycle from production and storage through to the end-use performance of the film. The dispersing of solid pigments or fillers into the liquid phase of binder solutions is an important step in paint and coatings production influencing optical properties like gloss and color strength. Dispersion control additives are used to improve and accelerate the dispersion process and to stabilize the dispersion during storage. For the design and the use of these additives, it is essential to have knowledge about the dispersion process. There are three types of dispersants; high molecular weight dispersants, low molecular weight dispersants & modern low molecular weight dispersants. High molecular weight dispersants can be divided into another three different groups; Block copolymer chemistry, Polyurethane Chemistry & Polyacrylate Chemistry. Let us know your application and processing measure and we will recommend the best possible product!

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