PE1004 is a modified natural rubber latex formulated to be compatible with cationic bitumen emulsions. This product has been specifically developed to provide compatibility with a wide range of cationic bitumen emulsions for the various applications in road construction such as surface dressing, microsurfacing and tack-coats. PE1004 can either be used as received or diluted using dilute hydrochloric acid (5%) prior to blending. Incorporating between 2 to 5% (dry) rubber into a cationic bitumen emulsion enhances the durability and performance properties of the road surfacing by increasing the low temperature flexibility, reducing deformation at high temperatures and increasing adhesion between the bitumen, aggregate and substrate.

Product composition


  • Total Solid Content (TSC) %: 65.5
  • Brookfield viscosity (cps) LVT Spindle 4/60 rpm @25°C: 600 max
  • Mechanical Stability (secs): 1800 min
  • pH: 4.5
  • Product form(s): Liquid, Crystal powder
  • Packaging option(s): IBC, Bulk


In 2007 we decided to start ICG Specialty Chemicals selling specialty chemicals and additives under the tradename Omnistab.



Partners in Chemicals expanded its business in Middle East by setting up a branch office in Dubai in 2014.

Our Dubai office gives direct access to the Middle East and Africa. Having warehousing facility in the Dubai Free Zone makes it much easier to import, stock and re-export material to different destinations around the globe.




To serve the American market we have set up our Chicago branch office in 2009.



Deltachem (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. has been established in 2012 but general manager Mr. Mike Zou is already since 2007 a business partner for the Omnistab range.

Deltachem is the partner of Choice for Partners in Chemicals.

Besides being responsible for sourcing new products, supplychain and quality controle Deltachem is also managing the production facilities and handles the technical support.

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