Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) is a low ammonia prevulcanised NR latex. It is compounded without thiazole accelerator. Dipped products manufactured from Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) by conventional processing techniques should readily meet the Directive 93/11 standard for the level of extractable nitrosamines and nitrosatables. All ingredients used in this Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) also complies with BGA recommendations.
Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) has been developed primarily for use in the production of teats and soothers by any of the conventional dipping techniques. In addition to low nitrosamine and nitrosatables teats and soothers produced from Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) have good colour clarity and resistance to ageing. This Low ammonia PV NRL (PNL8005) can also be used for other dipped products which require low nitrosamines/nitrosatables content

Product composition


  • Total Solid Content (TSC) %: 60.3
  • Mechanical Stability (secs): 1200 average result
  • Ammonia content (%): 0.35
  • Ford Cup 3 Viscosity @ 25°C (sec): 30.5
  • pH: 10.0
  • Unaged modulus at 700% (MPa): 9.5
  • Unaged tensile strenght (MPa): 27.0
  • Aged (7 days at 70˚C) % retention of modulus at 700% elongation: 50 min
  • Aged (7 days at 70˚C) % retention of tensile strenght: 75 average result
  • Total nitrosamines level (mg/Kg): 0.01 max
  • Total nitrosatables level (mg/Kg): 0.10 max
  • Product form(s): Liquid
  • Packaging option(s): Bulk


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Deltachem (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. has been established in 2012 but general manager Mr. Mike Zou is already since 2007 a business partner for the Omnistab range.

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