Omnistab UV 312

Omnistab UV 312 acts as a UV absorber belonging to oxanilide class. Imparts outstanding light stability to plastics and other organic substrates. Features strong UV absorption, excellent compatibility in a wide variety of substrates, and low volatility. Protects polymers as well as organic pigments from UV radiation, helping to preserve the original appearance and physical integrity of molded articles, films, sheets, and fibers during outdoor weathering. Shows no impact on color & transparency of the substrate. Exhibits thermal stability, excellent chemical resistance, no reactivity with alkalis, additional thermal stability to polyamides. Also shows low wavelength absorbance. It can be combined with optical brighteners. Suitable for polyesters, PVC plastisol, polyurethanes, polyamides, polymethylmethacrylate, polybutyleneterephtalate, polycarbonates and cellulose esters. Recommended for rigid and flexible PVC and polyesters. Use level of Omnistab UV 312 ranges between 0.10 and 1.0 %, depending on substrate and performance requirements of the final application.

Omnistab UV 312 has low volatility, good thermostability, and doesn’t react with catalyst residue,filler, metal ion due tosurface contact. It will protect plastic color from influence of metal ion. UV312 has the strong absorption in UV-Bwave band.Recommended to be used with flourescent brightener and Uv irradiation crosslinking system, especially applied toPC and PET.

Product composition

  • CAS number(s): 23949-66-8
  • Chemical name(s): N-(2-Ethoxyphenyl)-N'-(4-ethylphenyl)-Ethlyene diamide
  • Molecular formula: C18H20N2O3
  • Molecular weight (g/mol): 312.363 g/mol
  • EU (EG-No (EINECS/ELINCS)): 245-950-9


  • Purity (%): 98.00 min
  • Volatiles (%): 0.50 max
  • Melting point/range (ºC): 124.00-127.00
  • Transmittance 460 nm (%): 95.00 min
  • Transmittance 500 nm (%): 97.00 min
  • Product form(s): Crystal powder
  • Packaging option(s): Carton


In 2007 we decided to start ICG Specialty Chemicals selling specialty chemicals and additives under the tradename Omnistab.



Partners in Chemicals expanded its business in Middle East by setting up a branch office in Dubai in 2014.

Our Dubai office gives direct access to the Middle East and Africa. Having warehousing facility in the Dubai Free Zone makes it much easier to import, stock and re-export material to different destinations around the globe.




To serve the American market we have set up our Chicago branch office in 2009.



Deltachem (Qingdao) Co. Ltd. has been established in 2012 but general manager Mr. Mike Zou is already since 2007 a business partner for the Omnistab range.

Deltachem is the partner of Choice for Partners in Chemicals.

Besides being responsible for sourcing new products, supplychain and quality controle Deltachem is also managing the production facilities and handles the technical support.

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