PE1002 is a high solid evaporated natural rubber latex concentrate primarily stabilised with potassium hydroxide. Two versions i.e. with or without ammonia are available. Compared with centrifuged latex and other natural rubber concentrates, PE1002 has excellent mechanical stability and very high tolerance to loading with fillers. Other features of High solids evaporated NRL (PE1002) are excellent stability to compounding and storage, with good
freeze-thaw resistance.
PE1002 compounds are widely used in the carpet industry for primary and secondary backing of tufted carpets and in the production of foam backings and underlays. PE1002 also gives excellent results in the manufacture of low-cost combining adhesives for textiles. Compound based on PE1002 are recommended for producing soft rubbery back coatings for textiles (eg upholstery fabrics) and rugs. Other applications for PE1002 include the manufacture of adhesives, rubberised fibres, reconstituted leather board and rubberised bituminous mixes.

Product composition

  • CAS number(s): 9006-04-6
  • Chemical name(s): Natural Rubber
  • Molecular formula: (C5H8)n
  • Molecular weight (g/mol): 200 - 400
  • EU (EG-No (EINECS/ELINCS)): 232-689-0


  • Total Solid Content (TSC) %: 67.5
  • Alkalinity (non ammonia): 0.95 %
  • Alkalinity (with ammonia): 1.50 %
  • Brookfield viscosity (cps) LVT Spindle 4/60 rpm @25°C: 1600 max
  • VFA no: 0.10 max
  • Coagulum: 200 max
  • Product form(s): Liquid
  • Packaging option(s): Bulk


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