Start of Chemical Distribution & Trade as distributor in the Plastic & Rubber industry


ICG Specialty Chemicals

Joint venture with IGM Resins named ICG Specialty Chemicals


Chicago branch office

Set up of the ICG branch office ICG Specialty Chemicals Inc. Chicago USA handling all sales activities in America


Deltachem Qingdao

Joint venture with Deltachem Qingdao. Sourcing, toll manufacturing and production of our Omnistab range


Dubai branch office

Set up of the ICG branch office ICG Specialty Chemicals FZCO Dubai UAE handling all sales activities in the middle east, Africa and India


IGM Resins steps out of ICG Specialty Chemicals

Takeover of remaining shares of IGM Resins in ICG Specialty Chemicals


Partners in Chemicals

All group companies operating under the name of Partners in Chemicals


Dubai branch office management buy-out

Dubai branch will continue Omnistab promotion and sales in the Middle East and India as an independent legal entity


Chicago branch office will be closed

Chicago branch office activities will be continued from the Utrecht head office


What we offer

Specialty Chemicals & Additives under the tradenames Omnistab® and CD&T®. Our expertise lays in additives.

In our assortment you will find a growing number of in-house produced Omnistab additives. If we do not have in-house production of our Omnistab range we work with certified toll manufacturers who produce for us. Other items sold under our tradename CD&T, we Trade & Distribute (buy, store and sell).

What Partners in Chemicals stands for

Quick follow up, no Nonsense

Do as promised, short communication lines, approachable and flexible.


Technical support and Product development

As a Partners in Chemicals partner you’ll have access to our excellent support and technical advice. With our technical support team we can answer your technical inquiries within 24 hours. Besides support we can help you with testing, formulating and developing your specific product.


Long term partnerships

We see your specific need as our starting point for a long lasting relationship. We service small and large companies, with door-to-door delivery, excellent service and flexible logistic solutions.

Offering the alternative

We bring market demands and offering together. We have an extensive network of users and suppliers. We source and create partner based solutions, products and services (packaging, logistics, market research).


Local stock

We work with local stock for all of our strong items and can deliver quickly based on your logistical requirements.


Low(est) price guarantee

We keep our company lean and mean and thus competitive.


Global Presence

We handle the business directly from the Utrecht head office or through local distributors in designated areas.